Zedd: ‘I thought my future was going to be being a drummer in a band’

Clarity and Stay The Night superstar Zedd recently visited SiriusXM Hits1 to talk to the Morning Mash Up about his new rock star status, what he thought he’d be doing instead of DJing, and why Clarity’s overwhelming success came as a bit of a surprise.

First, let’s just say that Zedd never thought that he would be a DJ, and he certainly never imagined being at the point that he is at today in his career. “I was in a band before, so I thought my future was going to be being in a drummer in a band,” said Zedd. “Even when I was ‘Zedd’ (Zedd’s birth name is Anton Zaslavski) and made electronic music, I still thought, ‘I’m going to be a drummer, and that’s what I’m doing…’ I just did this because it was fun, it was new, I didn’t know how to do it. That was probably the main reason, I love learning new things. I guess a couple people liked it, and now I’m here talking to you guys.”

Later, Zedd spoke about how the DJ has become today’s rock star and how the act of DJing itself has changed: “It’s a new thought, I remember when I was a little younger and when I went out, it wasn’t quite like that, you didn’t face the DJ, people were talking to each other having a drink. Things have changed a lot. I started DJing when that whole thing exploded, so I never experienced DJing in front of dancing people. When I started DJing, it was a concert…it was much more than just a DJ set.”

Zedd also never expected his hit song, Clarity, to be a fan favorite: “I always said that Clarity was going to be a hit, but I didn’t actually believe it. When I say that something’s a hit, I just mean I love it…Hearing the song on my radio myself everyday was pretty much amazing.”

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