Starting Monday, Dec. 22, Howard 100 will begin airing a Best of 2014 extravaganza. The special will include interviews with everyone from Beetlejuice to Benjy to Bryan Cranston, memorable show arcs (remember JD’s trip to the set of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?) and everything else essential to The Howard Stern Show from the past 12 months.

For such a massive event, you’ll need to be prepped. What follows is a reminder of nine of those Best of 2014 moments, with a clip accompanying each. Enjoy the primer below, and get set for two weeks of the best of Howard as the calendar turns to 2015.

Neil Patrick Harris – The Late Show

When David Letterman’s replacement for The Late Show was still up in the air, Neil Patrick Harris was approached by CBS executive Les Moonves, he revealed to Howard. NPH said he was “surprised” he was approached with the idea, and that The Late Show probably wasn’t for him.

Tracy Morgan – How about Late Night with Tracy?

Months before Morgan was involved in a devastating car accident, he sat down in-studio for a fascinating interview with Howard. Like NPH, the idea of Tracy as a late-night host came up.

Anderson Cooper – Growing up Vanderbilt

What would you think is the best part of being a Vanderbilt? The inheritance, right? Well Anderson Cooper revealed to Howard that he isn’t getting an inheritance, and he’s happy about it.

Eric the Actor – Bye for now

On Sept. 20, the Stern world lost one of its most beloved Wack Packers – Eric the Actor. Following Eric’s death, Howard and Robin spoke about his legacy in an interview with Jon Leiberman.

Louis CK – Chicken skin?

Chicken skin. That’s how Ricky Gervais characterized Louis CK’s epidermis. Naturally, it was one of a million laugh-out-loud moments from the interview.

Bryan Cranston – Tales of an ex

Yeah, you’re going to want to listen to Cranston tell the story of a, uh, memorable night with an ex-girlfriend at a restaurant.

Pharrell – Cee Lo was almost Happy

There’s a recording of Happy by Cee Lo Green somewhere out there. And that recording, according to Pharrell, “burned” the final version of the song. But in the end, Cee Lo’s version of the song was never released, and Pharrell had a mega-hit on his hands.

Sia – Hanging on to Chandelier

One of the many things we learned about Sia during her appearance in Stern Studios? Chandelier was originally written for Rihanna. In the writing process, though, Sia became so attached to the song that she needed to sing it herself.

Bill Murray – The epic interview

We all listened to it at some point. Murray talked about roles he turned down (including Forrest Gump), the goofy reason he starred as the voice of Garfield, his time on SNL and even Seinfeld.

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