Your guide to SiriusXM’s new channels and station numbers

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Pretty soon you’ll notice some changes on your radio. That’s because SiriusXM has a fresh slate of channels — and some of your favorites have shifted around. Here’s everything you need to know to find your shows. After May 4, you can find the updated channel lineup at Thank you for being a loyal subscriber!

Velvet is moving from Ch. 13 to Ch. 304

Velvet will be found on SiriusXM channel 304. While Velvet will no longer be available on older radios that don’t receive channel 304, you can continue to hear it on the streaming service and on newer satellite radios, which also offer 20+ extra channels. You can continue to hear strong vocalists on a variety of other SiriusXM channels, including The Blend (Ch. 16), SiriusXM Love (Ch.17), Siriusly Sinatra (Ch. 71) and On Broadway (Ch. 72).

Poptropolis (Ch. 300) is now called Celebrate!

Poptropolis will be renamed Celebrate!, playing songs that can help you celebrate life’s biggest moments, from weddings to parties and beyond. For more pop hits from the 70s through 2000s, you can also tune into 70s on 7, 80s on 8, 90s on 9 and Pop2K (Ch. 10).

Vegas Stats (formerly Sirius Ch. 215 and Streaming Ch. 961) will be found on ch. 204

The Vegas Stats & Information Network will be found on channel 204 on all SiriusXM radios, making it easier to find no matter what type of radio you have.

SiriusXM FLY no longer available on Family Friendly packages

SiriusXM FLY will no longer be available to our Family Friendly subscribers because of the explicit and adult nature of some of the songs. You can still hear Family-Friendly content from the same genre or eras on The Heat (Ch.46), Heart & Soul (Ch. 48), 90s on 9, or Pop2K (Ch. 10).

Faction Talk (formerly Sirius 206) will be moving to ch. 103 on ALL radios

Faction Talk will now be found on Sirius channel 103, making it available for the first time to customers with the Sirius Select package, and easier to find no matter what type of radio you have

Traffic and Weather channel updates

SiriusXM will be making changes to the Traffic & Weather channel line-up. The order will be New York on channel 133, Boston/Philadelphia/Washington D.C. on channel 134, Chicago/Detroit/Dallas-Ft. Worth on channel 135 and Los Angeles on channel 136.

Additional Changes

  • The Emo Project: The Emo Project will be available on Streaming SiriusXM channel 713. Customers will hear throwback emo, scream-o and pop punk from the 2000s, mixed with modern day emotionally driven alternative rock. Artists you’ll hear: Taking Back Sunday, Death Cab For Cutie, My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, AFI, Brand New and Blink-182.
  • The Joint: The Joint (ch. 44) will now be found in the R&B category.
  • No Shoes Radio (Ch. 57) and The Garth Channel (Ch. 55) will be available on older Sirius satellite radios.

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