Here’s your next 7 days of listening on SiriusXM

From our new music channel with Tina Turner to the latest developments from the Russia-Ukraine war and a Dolly Parton-themed podcast, check out the 10 things you need to hear on SiriusXM below — and listen to them on the SXM App now on this page here.

  1. The Tina Turner Channel in honor of Women’s History Month
  2. Get Happy Music Collection (check out more app collections here)
  3. The Lilith Fair Tribute Channel in honor of Women’s History Month
  4. Oldies Party Music Channel
  5. Sherlock Holmes on Radio Classics
  6. Hope Solo Speaks Podcast
  7. Joan Rivers & more on Comedy Classics
  8. Female-Hosted Shows for Women’s History Month
  9. Dolly Parton’s America (check out more podcasts on SiriusXM here)
  10. Breaking News Channels

For more information about SiriusXM’s channels, click here.

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