Actress, producer, and star of the CBS show Bad Teacher Ari Graynor dropped by OutQ’s The Jolt with Larry Flick to defend her noticeably tight pants, talk about what makes her funny, and shed some light on a rather interesting childhood memory.

Before she could even start promoting her new show, Graynor was called out for the tightness of her pants and of course had to explain herself to Larry and Keith. “For the record, I’m in a silk pant and when I stand they’re baggy… when you sit, silk tightens,” she said.

Graynor credits her funniness to the bullying she endured through most of her childhood. “I think like many women that are funny and truly any person that is funny, you did not have a lifetime of ever being the ‘pretty girl’ or the ‘hot guy,'” said Graynor. “I think in order to really have a certain amount of sense of humor… you can’t take yourself seriously in comedy.”

Later, Graynor described one of her most interesting childhood moments leaving both Larry and Keith in stitches. “I just would always imagine myself as an adult,” Graynor said. “So like I was the kid at four years old who was fake breast-feeding my dolls on the beach.”

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