WWE Night of Champions review: Worst PPV of the year?

The Busted Open team, including hosts Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca and producer Mike Riker, reviews the WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view event.

Daniel Bryan wins WWE title

Night of Champions ended with Daniel Bryan winning the WWE title. That statement alone should bring a smile to hardcore wrestling fans throughout the world, but instead it has left us puzzled. In what was easily the best match of the night, Bryan pinned Randy Orton in stunning fashion to become a two-time WWE champion. The consensus was that Orton would retain and that they would save Bryan winning the title at a much bigger pay-per-view like Wrestlemania, or even the Royal Rumble. But one quick three count by referee Scott Armstrong has left us asking questions:

  • Why would they hotshot Bryan winning the WWE title?
  • Why did they have Armstrong do a quick 3-count?
  • Why didn’t Triple H come out and reverse the decision?

Monday Night Raw should answer a lot of those questions, but what should have been a defining moment in Bryan’s career actually fell very flat.

Ryback saves Paul Heyman

The other big moment at Night of Champions was when we saw a new “Paul Heyman guy” in Ryback. CM Punk defeated Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel which led to the match everyone wanted to see in Heyman vs Punk. Punk got his shots in with the kendo stick as Heyman brilliantly reacted after every brutal shot. Punk then was about to do what he was going to say and break Heyman’s face when Ryback appeared out of nowhere and speared Punk through a table. This led to Heyman pinning Punk, and now an apparent alliance between Ryback and Heyman — which we called weeks ago. Ryback or Rybully, with one spear to Punk, has now rejuvenated his career after months of staying stagnant. Axel was just not working, especially after the brutal match between Punk and Brock Lesnar after Summerslam. When fans wanted to see Heyman vs Punk more than Axel vs Punk, you knew they had to go elsewhere. The best thing out of all of this is we get more of Heyman, arguably wrestling’s MVP in 2013.

Del Rio retains World title against Rob Van Dam

The World title stays in the hands of Alberto Del Rio after losing his match with Rob Van Dam via disqualification. Not a result we want to see in a pay-per-view, but with three pay-per-views in six weeks and no other challengers on the horizon for ADR, it actually makes sense. The match had its moments, but like any RVD match it was also uneven. This feud will continue, especially after watching RVD go old-school and perform the Van Terminator on Del Rio. If Van Dam does capture the World title, the only reason would be to have “World champion in waiting” Damien Sandow cash in on RVD.

The Shield, Ziggler and The Miz

In other matches, the Primetime Players won Tag Team Turmoil, which led to a quick painless match against The Shield in which Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins retained.

Speaking of The Shield, Dean Ambrose retained his U.S. championship over Dolph Ziggler in a match that just seemed to be there. It’s amazing how far the star has fallen for poor old Dolph.

AJ was the third person to retain as she defeated the Total Divas in fatal 4-way match. Despite the success of Total Divas, it’s a girl who is not featured on the show who is the real star of the Divas division.

Despite Axel’s poor performances on the mic, he showed he can wrestle, as he had a nice little match with Kofi Kingston, retaining his IC title. Something tells me Axel is no longer a Heyman guy, though.

Our favorite wrester, The Miz, defeated Fandango in a short match in the middle of the card that no one cared about.

Final review

Night of Champions had intrigue going in and definitely has some intrigue coming out, but it still might have been the worst pay-per-view of the year.

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