SiriusXM Stars‘ Perri Peltz sat down with Sallie Krawcheck of the Ellevate Network, a professional women’s network with 34,000 members that connects women all over the world and across industries from entrepreneurs, to lawyers, to corporate executives.

Krawcheck claims that networking is the #1 unwritten rule of success in business for women. “Guys are told how to network at football practice and I think somehow we are given Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White to read and so we expect that if we just do our jobs super well, the HR fairy godmother will swoop in and give us more money and promote us and it doesn’t always happen like that.”

Ellevate helps women come together to learn about things that matter to them and to their careers. It stresses the importance of asking for what you earn: “If any of us are overly aggressive it’s not received particularly well, but asking for what is fair in a fact-based way is important to do.” Krawcheck says, using her experience as a manager in the financial services industry as an anecdote. “Every year the gentlemen would all come and ask for raises, and every year not a single solitary female ever asked … If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

Krawcheck argues that as a female in business and lifelong learner, you must constantly be reinventing yourself. “If we don’t reinvent ourselves, stuff is going to be reinvented around us because the pace of business change is so fast today that you have to really run to keep up.”

Because of the many connections and education that the network offers, women have a place to engage, and advance their careers and themselves.

Listen to Perri Pelz’s full interview with Sallie Krawcheck below:

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