Williams: Lynn ‘a breath of fresh air’ for Chargers

For Tyrell Williams, the Los Angeles Chargers couldn’t have done a whole lot better than make Anthony Lynn their new head coach.

Williams is impressed with everything that Lynn, the former offensive coordinator and interim head coach of the Buffalo Bills, brings to the table.

‘He has the old-school kind of feel to him’

“You can tell right off the bat he brings toughness,” Williams told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on Late Hits. “He has the old-school kind of feel to him, so I’m enjoying it so far. He’s been just a breath of fresh air coming in so far. Once we get into training camp and stuff and get more into it, it’ll be cool to see how he conducts the team, but right now he’s been awesome. Same with all the assistant coaches and everybody’s been good on (the coaching staff). I think we’re taking the right steps forward so far.”

Williams is excited about fellow receiver Keenan Allen returning to action after missing almost all of the 2016 season with a torn ACL.

‘Keenan’s one of the top receivers in the NFL’

“Keenan’s one of the top receivers in the NFL,” Williams said. “His routes are amazing. The way he goes out there and competes every day in practice and on Sundays, he just kind of makes everybody around him better, gets kind of everybody going. He’s kind of the Energizer Bunny, talking to the defense during games, talking to the defense during practice, kind of just gets everybody going. So having him back out there, even now, has been awesome. You just watch him play and you’re amazed by the things that he can do. He definitely brings a different caliber to it.”

And no one brings a higher standard to the Chargers’ offense than quarterback Philip Rivers.

‘Philip is just football’

“He never misses a practice, never misses a game, never late for anything,” Williams said. “He’s just hard nosed and just always, always going a hundred percent, always making the right plays, always making the right reads. Philip is just football.”

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