As the the 2015 MLB regular season nears its close, there will be plenty of teams taking resumes for a new manager for next year.

Who better to teach and lead a squad than Barry Larkin? A Hall of Famer who could hit, run and play killer defense, Larkin was one of the best shortstops in the game in his 19 seasons, all with the Cincinnati Reds.

So what are the chances we see Larkin in a managerial role during the 2016 MLB season? He answered the question on SiriusXM’s MLB Network Radio.

“I’m managing still down in Brazil; if that opportunity comes in the States then certainly I would look at it,” Larkin said. “Each club has their own things that are important to them, obviously winning is important. But it would just have to be the right situation, but certainly I would have some interest in speaking if people were interested in me being a manager.”

Larkin also spoke about the Reds and explained what they need to do strengthen their team.

“It’s all about pitching,” said Larkin. “I don’t know if they have that.”

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