Why Carmelo Anthony-for-Kobe Bryant makes sense … and will never happen

The Los Angeles Lakers are going nowhere fast. The New York Knicks are going nowhere fast. The only logical solution? A Kobe Bryant-for-Carmelo Anthony swap.

At least, that’s the only logical solution when it comes to Twitter rumors. Tuesday on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio, though, Bleacher Report NBA writer Howard Beck explained why such a deal actually does make some sense – though it certainly wouldn’t go down.

“I love a Kobe-for-Carmelo swap,” Beck said. “My feeling is this: These are two teams that are going nowhere anyway. And if Kobe’s going nowhere anyway, if he’s going to lose, he might as well be doing it with Derek Fisher, who he’s been friends with since they came into the league as rookies together in ’96, and with Phil Jackson, help the Knicks start to build up something here. Kobe can be the tutor on the floor with regard to the triangle offense, and he would love the New York spotlight. He loves playing at The Garden, it would liven up the crowd, he’s a much more interesting and, I think, dynamic player to watch, even at this stage of his career, than Carmelo is.

“Carmelo, meanwhile, goes to L.A. where they need a star to build around,” Beck continued. “He’s six years younger than Kobe, he loves L.A., he did consider going there in free agency, and now you can build around Carmelo. And he’s a great enough scorer and personality that he’ll still sell tickets, which is a huge consideration there. And he’ll still get people watching on their TV network which is paying them a load of money.”

After explaining what would encourage the Knicks to pull the trigger on the deal – Kobe’s contract comes off the books earlier than Carmelo’s, giving New York flexibility in the more immediate future to really rebuild – Beck brought listeners back to reality.

“I think it would work for both teams; I don’t think it has a chance in the world of happening, but it’s fun to talk about.”

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