Who does Clive Davis consider to be ‘America’s poet glory’?

Clive Davis may not sing or play an instrument, but he is a legendary maker of music. The Brooklyn native and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has put artists like Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera, and Carlos Santana (and that’s a very short list) on the map as a record producer, music industry executive, and the former president of Columbia Records. Davis recently sat down with moderator Anthony DeCurtis and a select group of super fans for a Town Hall event on SiriusXM’s Stars to discuss The Soundtrack of My Life. Davis also weighed in on who he thinks America’s greatest poets in the music industry are: iconic superstars Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.

“America has given birth to two poets in my lifetime. One is Bob Dylan. The other is Bruce Springsteen. They are America’s poet glory, in my opinion,” Davis said.

In addition to Springsteen, Davis brought a particularly bright star to light: the legendary Whitney Houston. Unfortunately, Davis also experienced The Bodyguard star’s burnout in addition to her epic worldwide success.

“I don’t think [Bobby Brown] was any cause to her drug-taking. I think this was a co-dependent relationship. They were, quote, ‘crazy in love,’ but it was not healthy for either of them,” Davis said. “She was in denial. She said, ‘It’s not as serious as you make it out, and if it were, I would deal with it.'”

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