While you were sleeping: Westbrook missed dunk, has sweet dance moves, NFL Championship Weekend

Good morning! A lot happens in sports, even when you’re not watching, so here are the top headlines and moments from yesterday, in case you missed anything while you were watching Breaking Bad reruns on Sundance TV.

The Rim’s Revenge

Remember yesterday’s post, which featured Oklahoma City star Russell Westbrook taking out his anger on the rim with some ferocious dunks? Well, the rim came back with a vengeance and got payback. Westbrook’s dunk attempt during the Thunder’s 109-95 win over Charlotte came up a bit short. You can almost hear the rim laughing at him.

The rim also got the best of Houston forward Clint Capela, who failed to convert this alley-oop and missed the put-back attempt in the Rockets’ 123-114 loss to Detroit.

For Russ, it’s OK. His dance moves make up for it.

Young Lurch makes a splash in jersey sales

Which team is the most popular in the NBA? By merchandise sales, it’s the Golden State Warriors. Stephen Curry leads the league in jersey sales with LeBron James coming in second. New York Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis surprised everyone, coming in fourth in jersey sales. For a complete list of the NBA’s jersey and merchandise sales, click here.

Iggy Hop

Our must-see moment comes from Golden State’s 125-94 win over Chicago. Check out Andre Iguodala soar for this sick reverse slam:

SiriusXM NFL Playoffs Coverage

We’ve rolled out our extensive coverage of the NFL playoffs conference round for you to enjoy. Check out our in-depth preview and analysis of each game here. Also, check out Lisa Ann’s video preview and predictions of each game.

Facebook’s new sports app

Facebook is launching a new app for sports fans called Sports Stadium, which combines live scores, stats and play-by-play information. Users can toggle views between seeing updates from their friends or from notable experts commenting on the game.

Of course, this is mainly for the casual sports fans who keep one eye on the TV and one eye on their social networks. For the die-hards who wear their lucky throwback jersey and guzzle beer from their drink hats during each game, this app probably isn’t for you.

Look cool every morning. Find out what you missed in the sports world while you were sleeping, and impress your friends and co-workers. We won’t tell them you were actually watching Law & Order: SVU.

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