When Chris Martin sings, the entire world swoons. Also, he gets career advice from Bruce Springsteen

There’s a reason why Chris Martin is such a strong frontman. Consistently finding an authentic balance between charming, charismatic and humble, Coldplay’s lead singer stopped by SiriusXM’s studios to chat with Alt Nation‘s Jeff Regan and perform solo tracks from Coldplay’s new album, Ghost Stories.

Here’s Chris performing O.

And A Sky Full of Stars.

Finally, in his chat with Alt Nation’s Regan, Chris went into detail about how he’d never turn away a less experienced artist looking for advice, just as the great Bruce Springsteen didn’t turn him away when he asked for advice.

“Bruce Springsteen is amazing because he’ll really sit with you. He’ll give you actual useful wisdom, and an appreciation for what you do. He never has pretended that he doesn’t care, and we don’t want to pretend that either. We deeply care about our audience, about making things as true as possible, and part of the confidence to do that comes from advice he gave us.”

Ugh, how cool is this guy? Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you. And all the things you do. Yeah, they were all yellow. Etc.

Chris Martin of Coldplay

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