Peyton Manning isn’t Peyton Manning right now.

In his last four starts, the Broncos’ quarterback has combined for five touchdowns compared to six interceptions, and is averaging 224 yards passing (compared to 297 yards per game for the season) and completing 61.9 percent of his pass attempts (compared to 66.8 percent for the season). He’s looked so pedestrian that it’s fair to wonder whether Manning could be a roadblock in the Broncos’ quest for a Super Bowl.

This week on SiriusXM Sports, Warren Moon, Jason Goff and Will Carroll all gave their opinions as to why Manning has gone from having an all-time season to becoming a borderline liability under center.


I think it’s because he’s 38, 39 years old. When I was that old playing in the game, you tend to wear down as the season goes along. You really have to do everything you possibly can to keep your body fresh, because it is a long season, a long grind. And they expect a lot out of him as far as throwing the football. I like how they went more to the running game in the middle part of the season, and it seemed like they were having more success and more balance. But now, whenever he has to throw the football a ton of times, up around 35, 40 times, it’s gonna be tough for him to be as successful just because of his age, and his arm strength isn’t as much there. And teams are learning how to defend him, making him throw the football more to the outside, which is something that’s not his strength because of his arm strength. They need to get back to being more balanced.


I’ve never seen worse mechanics from a guy who’s trying to get something on a throw. … His last three or four games, I don’t wanna put the yellow jacket on him and put him in the wheelchair now, but that was not Peyton Manning, and that has not been Peyton Manning for a month. And the team that I thought was best equipped to make a run out of the AFC, including the New England Patriots, look like they have a problem at quarterback right now.


I think he’s tired. … What he’s been able to do after the surgery by adjusting his mechanics and by talking with David Cutcliffe, his quarterback guru, who he’s talking to for the last couple of weeks trying to find a way to adjust — basically, his arm is just pitched out. He’s tired, he’s off a little bit. … There is a distinct pattern [in his passing velocity]. Not a ton — mile an hour here, mile an hour there, of a pretty clear downward pattern. Basically what we’re seeing is in baseball, what we would call seasonal fatigue. … Normally, quarterbacks don’t throw enough to have this kind of issue. Manning’s not the normal kind of quarterback.

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