What’s at stake this Super Tuesday?

Delegates are still being tallied after a big Super Tuesday showing by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with each of the front runners winning seven states.

On the GOP side, 661 total delegates were at stake.


Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders vied for 1,034 delegates.


There is a lot of math to consider this March: In theory, Senator Marco Rubio could lose every state on March 1 but still bank enough proportional candidates to have a final chance of clinching the nomination on March 15 in winner-take-all contests. But if Donald Trump continues to “vacuum up delegates,” calculations point to Trump staying on pace to lock in his position as front runner.

Coming off a victory in South Carolina, Clinton is pulling ahead of Sanders in the delegate count and is expected to add to that lead with proportional and super delegates this month. But Sanders still has time to make up ground, and big Super Tuesday wins may give him the boost he needs to gain momentum in more states.

Long story short: There’s a lot at stake this March. SiriusXM Politics is bringing you coverage from the left, right and center as the results roll in.

On Super Tuesday, Progress (Ch. 127) will have live team coverage all night with Mark Thompson, Michelangelo Signorile and Ari Rabin-Havt. David Webb will bring you the latest on Patriot (Ch. 125). Tim Farley and Julie Mason are hosting on POTUS (Ch. 124).

On all three channels, you’ll get updates from Jared Rizzi at Trump headquarters and Xorje Olivares at Clinton headquarters.

As always, we’re bringing you breaking news and wall-to-wall coverage on Fox News (Ch. 114), Fox News Headlines 24/7 (Ch. 115), CNN (Ch. 116) and MSNBC (Ch. 118).

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