“I was washing my car up in Harlem. Brand-new Quest. Neisan Quest, baby. Sudsing it up, got the rims shining. I’m hitting the streets!” Tracy Morgan told Howard Stern during a recent and uproarious visit. Hilarity ensued as Stern and Morgan discussed his SNL start, 30 Rock identity crisis, and how Morgan would change Late Night if he had it his way.

Morgan told Stern that while he was confident in his SNL audition, he did not leave feeling as if he had nabbed the role.

“I wasn’t [doing it] for anybody else, I was doing it for me,” Morgan said. “You audition for Saturday Night Live, you’re going up against the funniest people of your generation.

Morgan’s stints on some of NBC’s most popular shows have made him a comedy icon – so much so, that 30 Rock fans often make the mistake of assuming that Morgan is playing himself when he portrays the role of Tracy Jordan.

“Sometimes people don’t think outside the box. Sometimes people ask me, ‘What’s the difference between Tracy Morgan and Tracy Jordan?'” Morgan said. “Well, you wouldn’t ask any of the other characters that? Why are you asking me that?”

Unfortunately, Morgan was not asked to take over for David Letterman on Late Night – but he told Stern how it would go down if he had.

“I would’ve shook up Late Night,” Morgan said. “Everything! Starting with the band. Hey, you might get Drake one night… or the Doobie Brothers, who knows?!”

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