With heart-wrenching performances in Silver Linings Playbook and The Place Beyond the Pines, Bradley Cooper has proven that he’s got way more cards to play when it comes to acting; he is so much more than just the studly, hilarious Hangover guy with the gorgeous baby blues (although, we love that role too).

Recently, Cooper sat down with the King of All Media on the Howard Stern Show to discuss his latest – and, according to Howard, greatest – role as Chris Kyle in American Sniper. The film is based on Kyle’s autobiography of the same name. Cooper had to gain 40 pounds in three months to portray the man with the most kills in the history of the U.S. military. With Oscar nominations coming out on January 15, Howard asked Cooper if he was pissed for not yet receiving an Academy Award after being nominated for American Hustle last year (and for Silver Linings Playbook the year before that).

“How could I possibly be pissed? I was nominated with Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington, Joaquin Phoenix, and Hugh Jackman,” Cooper said. “I love movies. I grew up loving movies. I grew up watching the Oscars every year … I’ll tell you one thing, I’m proud as hell of this movie.”

Perhaps Cooper could be a contender for a Tony Award in 2015, as he is currently playing The Elephant Man on Broadway. Cooper is no stranger to the Great White Way – he was in Three Days of Rain with the likes of Paul Rudd and Julia Roberts back in 2006. However, Cooper told Howard that this was the role that inspired him to pursue acting. Howard is among many celebrities who have come to see Cooper at the Booth Theatre this season – but only one has made Cooper nervous.

“The most nervous I’ve gotten so far [was when] De Niro came. And I was so obsessed that he wouldn’t think I was acting. And it was a great lesson actually, Howard,” Cooper said. “I realized I completely shut the audience out because if I’m looking at you, I’m talking at you. But if there’s 770 people here, you do have to brace them. You can’t shut them out … So the play ends, he comes back he’s such a gentleman … So two days later, I see him in the lobby. He comes over … He grabs me, and says ‘I couldn’t hear you.’… And I just start laughing. I was so obsessed with him, and he couldn’t hear a f-cking word! Nothing else was the problem, but he couldn’t hear a thing I was saying!”

After contorting his body live onstage for about 16 hours a week, there does not seem to be a role that would be too intense for Cooper to take on. Nevertheless, leave it to Howard to propose one: How would Cooper feel about playing the very real role of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend? Howard told him rumors had been circulating awhile back regarding Swifty’s unrequited crush on Cooper. Unfortunately for Cooper, he didn’t even realize the 1989 star was interested.

“Taylor Swift wanted to meet you. She was interested in you as a potential boyfriend. You said she’s too young for you,” Howard said.

“Complete horsesh-t … I never got a call … I don’t even know how old she is,” Cooper said. “How do you know we would even be good together?”

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