What do Kermit the Frog and Tom Cruise have in common?

In the past week, SiriusXM has had a number of notables stop by for a chat, including Boy George, 50 Cent, Seth MacFarlane, and Naomi Campbell. While this is quite an incredible bunch (and the potential makings of the best brunch date or reality series ever), topping a visit from the one, the only Kermit the Frog is basically impossible. Kermie graced EW Radio with his presence recently, addressing everything from his height, whether he has had work done like other stars in Hollywood, and rumors regarding his potential paramour, Lady Gaga. Watch out, Miss Piggy! Not only does this chick wear dresses made of meat – she also makes a cameo appearance in Muppets Most Wanted, which hits theatres this Friday. Kermit said that he filmed his scenes in the film similarly to Tom Cruise.

“I have some African bullfrog blood in me. They’re quite large [for frogs],” Kermit said. “I’m about 24 and a half inches… I had to do many of my scenes standing on boxes – just like Tom Cruise!”

Despite having a “human” stuck in his throat, Kermie also sang a bit of Rainbow Connection. Hear the full interview below!

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