The Matt Harvey innings limit saga continued last night. The Mets pulled their ace after 5 shutout innings – Harvey had thrown less than 80 pitches at that point – and the Yankees ended up winning, 11-2.

The debate over whether limiting Harvey’s innings is the right thing to do for him and for the team picked up on MLB Network Radio Monday. Former Mets general manager Steve Phillips was very critical of the pitcher.

“It feels like they’re doing this to pacify Harvey and the agent,” Phillips said. “When Harvey comes across like he’s shaking his head and he’s mad that he’s coming of out of the game, I’m like, you don’t get to have it both ways. You don’t get to say I need to be protected, and how dare you protect me by taking me out of the game.”

Jim Duquette was more supportive of the team’s handling of the situation.

“The Mets are at least trying to do something that works for Harvey and works for the Mets,” said Duquette. “They’re doing all they can at this point to make sure that he stays sharp. Because that’s the other thing – you don’t want to have all this time off between now and the postseason.”

Duquette continued.

“He’s getting ready to pitch in the postseason. That’s the way things are today, it’s not Matt Harvey’s fault.”

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