Week 10 Pigskin Pick’em leaderboard: Jets, Browns surprise our experts

If you chose the New York Jets to upset the Pittsburgh Steelers, or the Cleveland Browns to beat the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night, you would’ve gained some ground in the SiriusXM Pigskin Pick’em game. Unfortunately for SiriusXM’s cast of hosts, nobody – except for Jessica Wade – correctly predicted either of those games.

Of the 43 hosts who made picks in Week 10, only Wade correctly predicted either of those games; she had the Browns winning on the road.

The San Francisco Giants’ win in New Orleans over the Saints also baffled many of the hosts, though the week’s best picker, Evan Cohen, was one of six people to pick San Fran. Cohen went 11-2 on the week, but is still 14 games back of the leader.

That leader is Bruce Murray, who went 10-3, and extended his overall lead to two games.

The Host League’s Top 11:

1. Bruce Murray, SiriusXM NFL Radio (102-44)
2. Dr. Roto, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio (100-46)
2. Kid Leo, Underground Garage (100-46)
2. Kyle Elfrink, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio (100-46)
2. Paul Kelly, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio (100-46)
6. Buzz Brainard, SiriusXM The Highway (99-47)
6. Derek VanRiper, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio (99-47)
8. Adam Ronis, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio (98-48)
8. Chris Liss, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio (98-48)
8. Jim Duquette, MLB Network Radio (98-48)
8. Jim Noble, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio (98-48)

For the full host standings, click here. To get in on the action and compare your picks with your favorite SiriusXM hosts, visit pigskin.siriusxm.com.

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