WATCH: Sen. Al Franken on Kathy Griffin, his ‘toxic’ Senate co-worker + more

Is being a U.S. senator as fun as working on Saturday Night Live? Nah. But it’s “the best job I ever had,” Al Franken says.

The Minnesota junior senator and SNL vet joined POTUS host Julie Mason and The Hill’s Bob Cusack for a Town Hall in the SiriusXM studios, fresh off the release of his brand new book, Al Franken, Giant of the Senate.

Franken offered his take on Russia, “toxic co-worker” Ted Cruz, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, health care and more of the issues facing Congress. Plus, Senate Secret Santa! (Yes, it’s bipartisan.)

The Democrat also described his phone call with Kathy Griffin after he saw the controversial anti-Trump photograph she posted on social media earlier this week.

“She not only asked for forgiveness, but begged for forgiveness,” he said. “And I believe in forgiveness.”

Watch the full special below, and hear it on the Press Pool (POTUS Ch. 124) on June 2 at 5 pm ET.


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