Watch Ryan Kinder perform Southbound + Kiss Me When I’m Down on The Highway

Southern country crooner Ryan Kinder has a lot to be proud of right now. In addition to playing this year’s CMA Music Fest (and The Highway‘s stage), he was named one of Rolling Stone’s 30 Must-See Acts at CMA Music Fest ’14. They even went so far as to call him “The John Mayer of country music.”

So when Ryan sat down to play a live session on The Highway during CMA week, they couldn’t help asking: How did Ryan initially find out about this potentially life-changing article?

“I was sitting playing Call of Duty,” revealed Ryan. “…and my manager Nick called me, and I saw it and I was like, ‘Man, I’m on a roll here.’ I kinda sent him to voicemail. Then, [Nick] immediately calls my wife, going, ‘WHAT IS HE DOING?’ I screened the call that told me!”

Ryan continued: “That was one of the coolest moments in my life, just because Rolling Stone is THE music magazine. It might be THE magazine. That’s what everybody wants to be in, and I would hopefully someday have an article in it. But to be named one of the 30 must-see acts is almost as cool as being on XM.”

Nice save, Ryan. Watch Ryan perform Southbound and Kiss Me When I’m Down below.

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