WATCH: Henry Winkler’s wife describes their first date, 40 years ago

As a native of Los Angeles, Stacey Weitzman was familiar with fame. So when her date suggested a movie would be “a little difficult” because of his stardom, she was understandably skeptical. Her date? Henry Winkler, the breakout star of Happy Days, who played the coolest greaser around, Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli.

“I was humbled,” Weitzman confessed to Andy Cohen on Radio Andy (Ch. 102). “Every human gets up and comes over to him.”

Watch her describe their first date.

If you don’t know him from Happy Days, you might know Winkler from any of his numerous other roles. There are so many that Cohen couldn’t resist quizzing the actor to see if he remembered them. Watch their exchange.

Oh, and in case there was ever any doubt, Winkler and Weitzman are big fans of Andy Cohen’s, too. At least Weitzman is. Her husband claims to be a reluctant Housewives watcher. See for yourself.




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