WATCH: Pete Holmes on HBO show & his dating problems

Pete Holmes, who stars as a slightly fictionalized version of himself in the HBO comedy Crashing, joined fellow cast members for a conversation about season two, being religious in the world of comedy, the problem with dating comedians, and more with SiriusXM Raw Dog’s Ron Bennington.

What’s new for season two? Well, spoiler alert (seriously, unless you’ve seen the trailer): Pete has a girlfriend… and she’s a comedian! Last time we saw him he was still trying to win back his estranged wife (played by Lauren Lapkus). Holmes’ TV girlfriend, Jamie Lee, explained why comics tend to stick together, especially early in their career.

“When you start out in stand-up, you’re so enchanted by the fact that you’re finally meeting people who get you on a level that you didn’t even know existed,” Lee said. “I think it’s very easy to be like, ‘Well, why wouldn’t I date another comedian? We both have the exact same schedules, the exact same hobbies…”

That doesn’t always make for completely healthy relationships, though.

In the season premiere, airing Jan. 14, Holmes acts alongside Penn Jillette as the two discuss religion and atheism. The scene, like much of the show, is based on long conversations between the two about Holmes’ faith in God and Jillette’s belief that no such God exists.

“We agree on almost everything; we just have different definitions of God,” Holmes said. “He’s a very gorgeous atheist…we talked for two and a half hours and we disagreed but it was very open. It never clenched up.”

Listen to the full interview on SiriusXM Raw Dog Comedy (Ch. 99)!

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