“It’s insane to hear my stuff on Hits 1 and to know that other people are listening to it,” Halsey said as she walked into the SiriusXM building.

Turns out the love is mutual. NJ-bred singer Halsey is as fresh-faced as they come (she’s only got two singles out so far: Ghost and New Americana), but, given her airplay on Hits 1, we don’t expect that to last much longer. Stopping into SiriusXM to perform Ghost for Hits 1, Halsey kicked off her rendition with a heartfelt message to her listeners.

“No matter where I get in the car, when Ghost comes on, it’s just amazing. It’s driving through traffic with my windows down in L.A. and hearing my song coming from somebody else’s car and wanting to look over and be like, ‘Thank you so much!’ It’s the whole reason I do this; it’s the whole reason why anyone does this.”

Yep, she’s the real deal. Watch Halsey perform Ghost below.

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