Watch Cash Cash + Bebe Rexha perform a stripped-down Take Me Home on Hits 1

If you’ve been to the clurrb or listened to Hits 1 recently, then you’ll probably have pumped your fist to Take Me Home, the ubiquitous pop-EDM jam by Cash Cash and Bebe Rexha (who, fun fact, wrote Eminem and Rihanna’s The Monster). But let us ask you this: Would you even recognize Take Me Home if you heard it stripped down to a near-acoustic state? Let’s find out!

Stopping by Hits 1 to perform a slowed-down version of Take Me Home, Cash Cash provided well-coordinated instrumental accompaniment to Bebe Rexha’s sharp, clear vocals. They also traded EDM drops, electro notes, and vocal manipulation for soft keys, acoustic guitar, and rhythmic shakers. Clearly, Cash Cash and Bebe have no problem transitioning to an unplugged stage.

Check out their stripped-down rendition of Take Me Home below. No strobe lights allowed.

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