Wanda Sykes ‘wasn’t feeling’ Larry Wilmore calling Obama the n-word

Wanda Sykes criticized Larry Wilmore for calling President Barack Obama “my n—-“ during the White House Correspondents Dinner — but joked she may have had something to do with the racial term slipping by event planners.

“Larry Wilmore, with the n-word at the end, I wasn’t feeling that at all,” Sykes, 52, said Tuesday on the Jason Ellis Show.

The comedian made history as the first black woman and openly gay person to MC the Washington gala in 2009, when she castigated conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Before taking the stage, though, she said she was given two last-minute rules: no f- or n-bombs.

“I made such a big stink of it, like, ‘Why do you need to tell anybody that? What the hell? You think I’m that ignorant, that I’m gonna say that to the president?'” she said, adding with a laugh, “So I owe them an apology, like, ‘Yeah, I’m sorry, my bad. Maybe you should write that down. Maybe y’all should let people know that they shouldn’t do that.'”

Meanwhile, Wilmore, 54, has defended his decision.

“To see this man as leader of the free world meant something that words couldn’t put into justice,” the Nightly Show anchor said of Obama during an MSNBC interview with Al Sharpton on Sunday. “And when I think of the hundreds and hundreds of years of a particular word being used against us, to take away our identity and now to turn that around on its head, something that’s normally done in private, I acknowledge, and to make it public, was I thought, you know, a statement.”

Jason Ellis airs on SiriusXM Ch. 713.


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