Celebs & SiriusXM hosts share their zombie apocalypse survival plan

Walking Dead, World War Z, 28 Days Later, Night of the Living Dead, Shawn of the Dead… the list goes on and on of Zombie Apocalypse movies that leave us all pondering one very important question: How will I survive the zombie apocalypse? Some of us would flee the city and move to the mountains, some of us would barricade ourselves in the tallest building we could find and some of us… well, we’re not so sure we’d last a day. But we took the question to both SiriusXM hosts and the celebrities who walk through our doors every day to help give you ideas so you’re ready when the un-dead take over.

Jesse McCartney & Hot Chelle Rae
“I would roll with Jay-Z ’cause he has a jet.”

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett
“I’m going to dig a moat, I’m going to fill it with alligators…”

King Kahn
“I wonder if I would be attacked by a zombie fish, but I guess I’d have to take it in stride.”

The Catholic Channel‘s Father Dave Dwyer
“If it was vampires, I’d get out the holy water. If it was an exorcism, I’d be like ‘the power of Christ compels you!'”

Backspin‘s Ed Lover
“I would break into a meat market… I would load up on meat to make sure I could throw it at zombies.”

BPM‘s Kramer
“I got some skills like I don’t like to look zombies in the eyes… it burns your soul.”

Indie‘s Pete Dominick
“I would become part of the zombie army, immediately.”

The Opie & Anthony Channel‘s Sam Roberts
“I feel like I could survive by sitting quietly as long as possible. I already have a zombie look so I think I could kind of just fit in.”

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