It’s been a helluva year in music, and SiriusXM’s been there with you the whole time, through the good, the bad and the … “huh?” But let’s just focus on the positives, shall we? We narrowed down some of 2014’s top artists, breakthroughs, songs, and more, and we want YOU to vote for all of your faves!

Which songs were YOUR JAM in 2014, and which artists made your morning commute a little more bearable? Were you All About That Bass, or did Hozier take you to skyward with his heavenly vocals? Are you obsessed with Enrique Iglesias or Marc Anthony? Are you a die-hard AC/DC fan always and forever, or did you a dedicated Swifty? Don’t wait until the clock strikes midnight! Shout out to a fantastic year of music, and vote in the polls below!

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