Vote for The Bridge’s most essential songs of 1979!

1979. Gas was 86 cents a gallon, bean bags and VHS Video recorders were in the living room, and the board game Trivial Pursuit debuted. Pause your Walkman for a moment —what did 1979 sound like?

Help us build a listener-voted, mellow classic rock, Bridge songs of 1979 countdown by telling us which songs from 1979 were the most essential.

We’ll play the Top 16 songs all weekend long on The Bridge (Ch. 32) starting Thursday, Nov 14 at 1 PM ET.

Directions: Select 5 songs from the list below. You may vote once between Friday Nov 1, 9 AM ET and Friday Nov 8 at 9 PM ET.

Having trouble viewing the poll? Click here!

Tune in Thursday, Nov 14 at 1 PM & 11 PM ET on The Bridge (Ch. 32) to hear the results from this poll.

Thursday Nov 14 at 11 PM ET
Friday Nov 15 at 8 AM & 8 PM ET
Saturday Nov 16 at 10 AM & 10 PM ET
Sunday Nov 17 at 6 AM & 6 PM ET

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