Prescott on rookie success with Cowboys: Romo ‘just a tremendous help’ to him

Tony RomoDak Prescott couldn’t have a better relationship with Tony Romo.

The rookie isn’t hung up with all of the conversation about him possibly keeping the Dallas Cowboys’ starting quarterback job even after Romo is cleared to return from the broken bone in his back. All he cares about is trying to perform as well as he can.

‘He has always been a mentor’

And he has received nothing but considerable support from Romo.

“Tony’s been just a tremendous help all the way through my whole time with the Cowboys,” Prescott told Howard Balzer and Gil Brandt on Late Hits. “From the moment I was drafted and I actually met him, he has always been a mentor and just helping me out with everything on and off the field, kind of how to handle situations or new people coming in my life off the field.

‘Trying to give me tips here and there’

“And then on the field, every chance he can get, if it’s during a game, trying to give me tips here and there, or it’s in the classroom, just giving me ways of how he’ll study or could help me.”

Another player providing a great deal of help to Prescott’s remarkable first year in the NFL is a fellow rookie, Ezekiel Elliott, who leads the league in rushing.

“Zeke’s just a great guy just to be around. He’s a hell of a runner,” Prescott said. “And when you have an offensive line like that that can just open holes in the line, to get to the next level and do what he’s good at, that’s fun. It just opens up our passing game and allows us to be as balanced as we want throughout all these games we’re trying to finish and carry into the latter part of the season.”


Quinn: Woody Johnson behind Jets’ decision on QB

Geno Smith

Brady Quinn doesn’t think the football decision-makers within the New York Jets made the call to replace Ryan Fitzpatrick with Geno Smith as starting quarterback.

As far as Quinn is concerned, it came from team owner Woody Johnson. And he believes Johnson was influenced by forces outside of the Jets’ organization.

‘Woody Johnson is listening to everything that’s being said’

“I think Woody Johnson is sitting there listening to everything that’s being said in the New York media, listening to all the fans that are complaining out there, saying, ‘They have to make a change for change’s sake,'” Quinn told co-host Bruce Murray on the SiriusXM Blitz. “Because you better believe this: the coaching staff and the front office, they know what they have in Geno Smith.

“And they had every opportunity to make him the starter and go with him this year instead of going with Ryan Fitzpatrick. And they chose not to do that. They chose to pay Ryan Fitzpatrick $12 million guaranteed to have him come back and lead him these first six weeks.

‘This is coming from a much higher power than Todd Bowles’

“So I think this is coming from a much higher power than (coach) Todd Bowles and the front office.”


Von Miller: Broncos ‘have a great team … just got to find a way to string games together’

von miller

Von Miller isn’t panicking.

Despite the Denver Broncos suffering two losses in a row, their star outside linebacker maintains confidence that they can turn things around.

‘We’ve got great leadership’

They will have their next opportunity Monday night against former Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans.

“We’ve got great leadership here with the Denver Broncos,” Miller told Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn on the SiriusXM Blitz. “They’ve built teams, time and time again, for us here. In 2013 we had a great team. Last year we had a great team and I feel like this year we have a great team. Mr. (John) Elway, he continually puts great personnel in the locker room for us that gives us the opportunity to win games. And that’s really all you can ask for in the National Football League.

‘We really revamped the offensive line’

“We’ve got a great secondary, we’ve got a great defense, we’ve got a great defensive line, we’ve got a great offensive line. We really revamped the offensive line. (Emanuel Sanders) and Demaryius (Thomas) are probably the best wide-receiver duo in the National Football League. So we’ve got a great team. We’ve just got to find a way to string these games together.”

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