Troy Ave shares his top five favorite sneakers & the albums that influenced Major Without A Deal

BSB Recording artist Troy Ave came by our Shade 45 offices during his album release week in support of Major Without a Deal. While he was here, he ran down the albums that were influential to his creative process for the project.

Among the albums that inspired him were 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me, 50 Cent’s Guess Who’s Back, Jay-Z’s Blueprint 2, and his own New York City: The Album.

Albums that influenced Major Without A Deal

Troy Ave also gave us a Sneaker Roll Call, which included the Hi-Top Nike Air Force One’s, the original Adidas “Shell Toe” sneakers, Huarache Bo Jackson, Jordan 10’s (specifically the Red/Black/White color scheme) and the Gucci’s Chuck Taylors.

Troy Ave’s Top Five Sneakers:

5. Gucci Chuck Taylors
4. Jordan 10’s (Red/Black/White color scheme only)
3. Huarache Bo Jackson
2. Adidas “Shell Toe” (Originals)
1.  Hi-Top Nike Air Force One’s

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