Trivium is gearing up for the release of their seventh studio album, Silence in the Snow, which is out October 2 on Roadrunner and currently available for pre-order. It is the first album to feature the band’s new drummer Mat Madiro, who joined in May 2014.

Octane (Ch. 37) has been playing their title track for the past month or so, and now you’ll be able to hear the whole 13-track deluxe album with exclusive commentary from lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy, bassist Paolo Gregoletto and lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu, who give a breakdown analysis of every song from the record.

Speaking of the album’s first song, Snøfall, Heafy revealed that it was composed by Emperor guitarist and vocalist Ihsahn.

“He’s a good friend of ours, and we sent him the entire record and said, basically, whatever you have in mind to be an intro for this record — whether electronic or symphonic or whatever you see fit — let’s make that the intro,” Heafy explained. “So the very first thing he came up with was the intro you hear for the song now. It’s our live intro. It’s absolutely incredible.”

He goes on to talk about the second song, the title track Silence in the Snow, noting that it took eight years for the song to come together.

“It’s the song that we wrote back in 2007 after first seeing Heaven and Hell with Dio and the Sabbath guys live in Japan,” Heafy said. “We were so inspired by that night and that song and meeting Dio and being able to talk to him. We started writing that song back in 2007. So here it is, finally, eight years later, coming to full fruition.”

Hear the album and exclusive commentary on Saturday 9/26 at 6 pm ET, Sunday 9/27 at 3 pm ET, Monday 9/28 at 9 pm, Wednesday 9/30 at 9 am ET and Friday 10/2 at 12am ET.

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