Julie Mason’s Travel Week 2022: Expert advice on flights, glamping & more

Even with gas prices through the roof and a patchwork of byzantine COVID guidelines in effect, Americans are going mad for travel in 2022. Julie Mason, host of Julie Mason Mornings on POTUS Politics (Ch. 124), officially activated summer vacation mode with a slate of guests talking the politics, finances, and joy of travel.

First up, Pauline Frommer. She literally wrote the book on travel, serving as President of FrommerMedia, Editorial Director of Frommer’s Guidebooks, and author of the bestselling Frommer’s EasyGuide to New York City and Frommer’s New York City Day by Day. Pro-tip: when picking flights this summer, try going with those little-known budget airlines with kooky names.

Think glamping is too 2015? Andrea Sachs wants a word. The travel reporter for the Washington Post told Julie all about her luxurious glamping expedition, as well as a more, well, wild version. Think holes in the ground, not porcelain.

Paige McClanahan is a freelance travel journalist with a suitcase full of bylines in the New York Times and a current address in the French Alps (seriously). Apparently night trains are the way to go if you’re trekking through Europe?

The Alps are one thing, but are you sick of ads for the same package cruises and Eiffel Tower selfies? Dylan Thuras, founder of gloriously weird and offbeat Atlas Obscura, has the cure. From Uzbekistan to Portugal, he’s on a mission to prove just how little of the world we’ve seen from the tour bus.

Former Ambassador Rena Bitter, now Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs, brought some State Department gravity to a chat about some of the more serious aspects of traveling abroad. Check that passport date right now! No, seriously. Right now.

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