Transgender rights activist Allyson Robinson: “I’m a big fan of Vice President Biden”

Transgender rights activist Allyson Robinson spoke with SiriusXM Progress‘ Michelangelo Signorile during Netroots Nation 2014 in Detroit, MI about Vice President Joe Biden and the issue of transgender rights moving forward.

Robinson discusses Vice President Biden’s progressive stance regarding the rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community.

“I’m a big fan of Vice President Biden … It’s hard to deny that he has played a pivotal role in the way that LGBT civil rights have advanced certainly over the course of this administration. It didn’t get quite as much press as his comments about marriage equality, but the Vice President has actually been out there on transgender civil rights as well, at least with his rhetoric.”

The rights activist also comments on the issues prevalent specifically within the transgender community.

“I think the fear of a lot of transgender people is that we recognize, just like I think any astute observer does, that we are very, very close to accomplishing what have been the tent poles of our movement’s work. Marriage equality in all 50 states and at least some solution to the problem of employment discrimination, whether it’s a legislative one or it’s a solution in the courts in interpretations of Title VII, and so on and so forth. I think a lot of trans people are beginning to feel like, when those big issues are off the table, most of the rest of the issues are our issues. Our allies, whether they be movement allies in organizations, political allies, people in elected office, are they gonna move on to the next big thing and we’re gonna be kind of left in the lurch here. I think those are legitimate fears.”

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