Track Santa’s gift-giving trip around the world on Christmas Eve with NORAD & SiriusXM

🎶 He sees you when you’re sleeping streaming. 🎶

…And SiriusXM sees him.

Santa Claus is coming to town soon, and once again Kids Place Live (Ch. 78) is teaming up with the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) to follow Kris Kringle’s gift-giving journey around the world leading up to the big day. Tune in to Kids Place Live starting at 5pm ET on Tuesday, December 24 (Christmas Eve) to hear updates on St. Nick’s high-flying whereabouts every 15 minutes complemented by family-friendly holiday music all night long.

Also — in case you’re wondering how our celestial Santa tracking system works, here’s a brief description of NORAD:

On a regular day, NORAD is usually busy monitoring North America’s aerospace and water to warn of any attack against the continent by aircraft, missiles, or space vehicles, but it was a coincidental phone call in 1955 that got Santa on NORAD’s radar.

The legendary Col. Harry Shoup.

Back in the winter of 1955, Col. Harry Shoup of Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Center (later renamed NORAD), answered his private, unlisted phone to hear a child’s voice on the other line. According to legend, the child thought he was calling Santa Claus himself. Some say the number was misprinted in a Sears campaign, while others insist the child misdialed. Either way, he reached the desk of Col. Shoup. That call itself didn’t amount to much — it was only after one of Shoup’s staffers drew Santa’s sleigh on the CONAD unidentified aircraft tracking board that Col. Shoup got inspired.

He had his PR officer announce that CONAD was indeed tracking Santa Claus that year. After all, they had the technology, which has only become more sensitive to potential unidentified sleighs and reindeer. The tradition continued every year, and now NORAD uses satellites, radar, jet fighters and (of course) Santa Cameras to track Father Christmas’ journey through North American airspace. In addition, more than one thousand volunteers at NORAD Tracks Santa Operations Center on Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado answer children’s calls on Christmas Eve.

For the more tech-savvy child, NORAD publishes updates to their social media accounts, including their Twitter feed.

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