Tori Spelling + Jennie Garth Play 90210-IT-ALL with STARS’ Jenny Hutt

Promoting their brand-new ABC Family show Mystery Girls, former Beverly Hills, 90210 stars Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth stopped by SiriusXM Stars to talk with Just Jenny’s Jenny Hutt, where they reminisced about their days on 90210 and joined Jenny in a game called 90210-IT-ALL.

To start, Jenny asked, “If you had to pick one current actress to play you in a movie version of 90210, who would it be, and why?” After thinking for a minute, Tori replied that “someone that’s goofy, like Kristin Chenoweth!” would be right to play Donna Martin, while Garth thought Meryl Streep would play a good Kelly Taylor.

“On the new show, if you could have someone do a guest spot, who would it be?” asked Jenny. “We’d be thinking it’d be fun to  have Shannen [Doherty],” replied Jennie. “People would go CRAZY for that,” said Jenny. [Editor’s note: YEP.]

Later, Jenny told the actresses how great it was to see their chemistry again: “I have to say, watching the show Mystery Girls, what’s so fun is the chemistry the two of you have. It’s just right there. You turn on the show, and it’s like, oh my God, I’m watching the girls again! They’re together again.” In response, Garth expanded on the idea of cast chemistry, and how it can really make or break a show, citing the new 90210 cast as “an example of a cast that really didn’t have that chemistry.”

Surprisingly, Garth was quick to say that “she doesn’t miss anything” from filming 90201. “I don’t miss those long hours.” Spelling expounded on that, explains the “double-ups” that the cast had to sometimes film: “Instead of 22 episodes, they did 34 episodes that season. And there wasn’t enough time, so they would shoot two episodes at once. So you would be filming two hour long shows in one week, so you would go to one set and then they would drag you to another set to film another episode…But we were young, so we could persevere.”

Finally, Garth tied it all up by explaining how being an actor is harder than it looks: “It’s a different type of mental exhaustion that requires really keeping your brain super-engaged and keeping that internal light shining to be connected and in enigmatic for that long. It’s exhausting.”

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