Top 10 takeaways from Top Five star Chris Rock’s appearance on Sway in the Morning

Saying comedian Chris Rock tells it like it is would be a gross understatement. He leaves no trying topic unscathed, no taboo untouched, no opportunity to use the term “motherf-cker” unexplored.

And we absolutely love him for it.

Rock recently stopped by on Sway in the Morning to discuss his new comedy Top Five, but he and Sway obviously talked about a lot more, including everything from hip hop to Bill Cosby to interracial dating. And even though Rock is committed to keeping things uncensored (as is Sway) – there was a lot we didn’t actually know about the comedy legend and his latest undertaking prior to his Shade 45 visit. These 10 takeaways are guaranteed to make you see Rock in a whole new way – and laugh your ass off.

1. Parts of Top Five were filmed at SiriusXM’s NYC Studios.

That’s right. The SiriusXM mic holder you see in the trailer is totally for realz. (We’d like to thank the Academy.) Sway himself even made a cameo appearance in the film. Be sure to look for him when you see the flick!

“Listen dog, thank you for my four strong-ass seconds,” Sway said.

2. Rock is a huge Drake fan.

“I can’t deny it. I don’t wanna like him, but every [song] is better,” Rock said. “You’d just be hatin’ to not have him in your top five now.”

3. But he still thinks LL Cool J is King.

“Mama Said Knock You Out from beginning to end is one of the best albums ever made,” Rock said.

4. Jay-Z’s rap career is so slammin’ that Rock didn’t even feel like Jay could qualify for one of his Top 5 fave rappers.

“You can’t even compare him. He’s beyond the list,” Rock said. “Jay’s peers are like Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Bono …”

5. Rock has found the secret to aging gracefully.

“When you hit a certain age, you don’t give a F-CK,” he said.

6. He’s got his financial priorities in order.

“If I go broke, that means broke’s in style,” Rock said.

7. And his “priority” priorities.

“Your first responsibility is to your family,” he told Sway. “No matter what.”

8. He knows what it takes to succeed in comedy.

“You’re first job is to not be boring. That’s your first job,” he said. (Well, if that’s the case, Rock needs a raise.)

9. Richard Pryor is comedy royalty in Rock’s book.

“Richard Pryor is the best of all time,” Rock said. He would even pick him over Top Five co-star Jerry Seinfeld!

10. But Dave Chappelle’s comedy skill has got even Rock runnin’ scared.

“The only man that puts fear in my heart onstage is Dave motherf-cking Chappelle,” Rock said. A Chappelle-Rock comedy collaboration? Yes, please!

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