Two of the league’s most clutch quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson, will face off Sunday in Glendale, Ariz. That begs the question: All things considered equal, who would you rather under center for Super Bowl XLIX? Or how about for the next three years?

SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio’s Josh Zerkle tackled the question on Tuesday.

“For the next three years, I think it’s Russell Wilson,” Zerkle told Dan Levy. “I love what he does with the football, I think he’s been really dynamic, he does whatever he wants, it seems like.

“For Sunday? I would take Tom Brady, because Russell Wilson played like ass for three-and-a-half quarters and then still managed to pull out a win” against the Packers, Zerkle continued. “I think [Brady’s] just not gonna be denied in that sixth Super Bowl.”

Which quarterback do you take short-term? How about long-term? Tweet your picks @BR_Radio.

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