Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier and Oakland Athletics third baseman Josh Donaldson went to bat for a pair of teammates Thursday on MLB Network Radio.

Frazier felt that outfielder Jay Bruce deserved a spot on the NL team, and Donaldson said closer Grant Balfour should have been on the AL roster. Neither player was picked to represent their league, though, and both were left off the MLB All-Star Final Vote ballot.

“I thought having two Dodgers in at the end there, that’s just a little ridiculous,” Frazier said of the ballot. “I think they did a bad job with that to be honest. And you know, Jay Bruce, he’s one of the leaders in home runs, he’s batting .270 or .280, it just didn’t make any sense. And we’re a little disappointed over here in Cincinnati, but what are you gonna do.”

“I think that’s the most ridiculous thing of the year so far,” Donaldson said about Balfour’s omission. “The guys has been perfect this year. There’s not another reliever that is perfect.”

Through Thursday’s games, Bruce was batting .272 with 18 home runs for Cincinnati, and Balfour had 24 saves and a 1.72 ERA for Oakland.

Listen to Frazier and Donaldson talk more about the All-Star rosters below, and catch MLB Network Radio’s coverage of All-Star Week on XM channel 89 and Sirius channel 209.

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