Tips for friending Clay Aiken on Facebook + more from his Stern interview

American Idol contestant-turned-politician Clay Aiken stopped by The Howard Stern Show this week and talked candidly about coming out and his dating experiences.

Interested in dating America’s favorite runner up? Well, you might try adding him on Facebook!

“If it’s a guy who’s really cute, I’ll accept [his friend request].”

Need to gauge if you’re his type? “Seth MacFarlane is sort of my [celebrity crush] … Dimples do it for me.”

“Guys, friend Clay!” Stern yelled to his audience.

“Sh-t … my phone is already vibrating! No, no, no!” Sorry, Clay!

And even though talks pretty openly about his dating life now, Clay was unsure of his sexuality for many years.

“Everyone knew before I did.” He says he did not relate to the widely portrayed images of gay men. “Well, I’m not [flamboyant] … but I’m nobody’s lumberjack.”

Earlier, Clay tweeted about getting comfy for this Stern sit-down… you should get comfy too, and listen to two clips below!

On Hollywood crushes and Facebook dating:

On coming out:

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