This Year’s Must See Artists at the Latin Alternative Music Conference (L.A.M.C) Are on El Sitio

#MusicLovers unite!  La Kueva (Ch. 768) has a new bi-weekly spot that pushes the limits of new music in the Latin Alternative and Latin Rock genres with host, Ellen Flores in her show El Sitio (The Spot).

los cafres viernes

This week, I’m giving you my L.A.M.C. chosen few!  It’s my personal picks of artists that you need to see at this year’s Latin Alternative Music Conference (L.A.M.C.) aka Latin Alternative mecca!  The L.A.M.C. is a yearly conference that takes place the second week of July in Manhattan.  It’s a week full of music, showcases, concerts and networking.  A crazy week indeed, but it always is the musical highlight of my year because the experience is priceless and the music, is mind-blowing!


That’s why in this episode of El Sitio, I’ve selected 5 bands that you have to check out at this year’s conference.  To not see them, is missing out on some amazing live music and killer shows.  From Spain to Puerto Rico to Argentina and everything in between, this episode is as vast as Latin Alternative can be because after all, this is El Sitio; this is THE SPOT!

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