This Week’s Alt Nation Picks: Capital Cities, Cherub, Silversun Pickups + more

Hey there. My name’s Jeff Regan, and you might know me as the host and Program Director of Alt Nation on SiriusXM. (Word to the wise: I don’t look like a screaming baby anymore. That baby is my avatar. Also, bragging point: if you don’t know me, last year I got featured in the New York Times. #Cred.)

Anyway, if you’re a regular Alt Nation listener, then you might already know that my main love in life is finding and promoting brand-new talent. New music is my everything, which is why I wanna bring you in the loop with a few new tracks that have been rocking my headphones this week.


Capital Cities: I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo (Lazy Hooks/Capital)

Electro-pop/dance duo Capital Cities has enjoyed massive success in the last year with a song called Safe & Sound (from their In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery album). Before Capital Cities got signed to Capitol Records, however, Alt Nation played ’em. They were a cool band with a cool song, so we played them on the radio, and the band just took off from there. I want to stress, though, that is this is an artist we discovered. We’ve had the band in the studio, and we have such a great rapport — not just on Alt Nation, but on many SiriusXM stations. In conclusion? With this track’s bouncy, electro-tinged dance hall chant, I feel like I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo will see a lot of spins on Alt Nation in the future.

cherub_Ford Fairchild

Cherub, Doses & Mimosas (Columbia)

Cherub’s Doses & Mimosas has actually been out for a little while. I saw the band perform this past summer at Lollapalooza, where they were one of the 11:30 am bands (even though they totally deserved to be one of the 11:30 pm bands). They’re from Nashville, but they have this electro-pop sound and blog party vibe, so a lot of people wouldn’t immediately think they’re from the South. This song in particular is one of Alt Nation’s truly unique records. I’ve already played it a bunch of times on my show. Because of the track’s sonic structure and lyrical content, I don’t honestly know who else could do this song.


Gemini Club, Sparklers (Independent)

Originally from Chicago, Gemini Club put out a record last spring (Here We Sit), and I’ve been listening to it through the summer and the fall. It’s one of those songs that i just keep going back to. I actually played it 50 times a week! (Fun fact: Just last week, the band posted a Facebook video of lead singer Dan Brunelle listening to this song on SiriusXM.) I don’t think Gemini Club’s alt-pop track (Sparklers) would catch on as immediately as, say, Cherub’s would, but I DO think that people will eventually catch on. Sparklers is the kind of track that sticks with you.


Morning Parade, Alienation (So/Caroline)

Morning Parade is a super-talented band from the U.K. Alienation comes from their second album, and we had a good level of success with their s/t debut album. Alienation is the lead single from their next album, and this is the type of band I foresee going in a bunch of different directions. Not to pigeonhole them, but they’re kind of like Coldplay. They’re talented, they’re young guys, and they have a big sound. They’re arena-fillers. They have an EP out now, and we started playing Alienation late last year. We’re gonna see this song through 150 percent.

silversun_pickups (2)

Silversun Pickups, Cannibal (Dangerbird)

I cannot say enough nice things about this band. Silversun Pickups will put out their very first singles collection on Feb. 25. This new track, Cannibal, already gets part of the benefit of the doubt because we’ve had such success with Silversun. So many of the songs that we play have gone on to be fundamentals to our music library. The band themselves came in and performed acoustic for us; they played ping-pong with us; this band is a core artist for SiriusXM. SiriusXM has been all in with Silversun from the get-go, so when we get a new song of theirs, we couldn’t be more excited to play it.


SKATERS, Deadbolt (Warner Brothers)

New York City band SKATERS put out an EP — The Deadbolt EP — last year, and they’re gonna put out a full record called Manhattan this February. Anyway, I think this is the coolest way to introduce this band sonically to a large audience. They’re called “SKATERS,” so of course my initial reaction was like, “Is this a punk band?” But they’re not! They’re loud, and I love that there’s more guitar in alternative [music] now than there has been in the last couple of years.

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