This week on Morning Men with Evan Cohen and Mike Babchik (12/1-12/5)


A lot happens on the Morning Men on Mad Dog Sports Radio, so it’s a good thing that a guy like me takes notes on everything I’ve learned over the course of the week. However, what I learn each week is not what everyone else has learned, making the “What Babchik learned this week” segment on Morning Men not only a fun listen, but also an educational one.


A huge story this week followed the Ferguson-related gesture made by St. Louis Rams players before the game on Sunday. This led to a lot of conversation on whether it was the right move Pro Football Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams lives in Missouri, played for the Rams and was in Ferguson all week helping rebuild after the riots broke, and Evan asked him what he thought of the Rams players taking a stand.


We have been screaming and yelling about the college football rankings for a while, now so we decided to bring on the Executive Director of the College Football Playoff Bill Hancock. Evan asked him to explain how TCU could be No. 3 when the undefeated defending champs Florida State are No. 4.


Every Wednesday is draft day on Morning Men! In honor of my wife, who is due at the end of this month with our second child, we drafted … NAMES FOR MY BABY DAUGHTER! Now this couldn’t go badly, could it?


Each week, yours truly gives delivers a big board. Everyone does power rankings, but trust me, no one does power rankings like me. The only question now is do you spell it Bab’s Big BOARD or Bab’s Big BORED?

What a week for Morning Men, and I can’t wait until next week! This weekend I’m going to fix my tenant’s sink. That’s right. In my spare time, I am a landlord. So how do you fix a leaky sink? Two words … DUCT TAPE!

Babchik OUT!

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