This Week On Demand: The Canonization of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII

This week, SiriusXM brings you straight to Vatican City with exclusive coverage of the upcoming canonization of both Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII. Celebrate this historic event with the Catholic Channel’s “Making of a Saint” and other exclusive broadcasts whenever you want, with SiriusXM On Demand.

New Specials Available This Week:

Remembering Pope JP II w/ Newt Gingrich
The Catholic Channel
Newt Gingrich remembers Pope John Paul II in honor of his impending Canonization on Sunday, April 27.

Making of a Saint Pilgrimage
The Catholic Channel
Join Lino Rulli from the Catholic Guy Show and Father Dave Dwyer from the Busted Halo Show with a very special broadcast: Making of a Saint.

Canonization 101
The Catholic Channel
Join Gus Lloyd with Canonization 101 as he discusses Popes JPII and John XXII

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