A lot happens on Evan & Phillips in the Morning on Mad Dog Sports Radio, SiriusXM channel 86. It’s a good thing that a guy like me takes notes on everything I’ve learned over the course of the week. However, what I learn each week is not what everyone else has learned, making the “What Babchik learned this week” segment on E&P not only a fun listen, but also an educational one.


This week was the start of the NFL season, so we were all pumped up to give our one bold prediction for the 2014 NFL season. Maybe Steve Phillips was a little too pumped up, because his bold prediction was that one NFL team will not win a game this year.


Every Wednesday is draft day on Evan & Phillips in the Morning! Chicks, food, sports; if it exists we will draft it. This week, because of all the talk about Wes Welker and whether he took something while partying at the Kentucky Derby, we decided to draft … MUCHIES!


This week was the debut of the Stephen A. Smith Show on Mad Dog Sports Radio. Everyone here could not be more pumped about him joining the family. SAS stopped by our studio this week and, of course, the first thing Evan wanted to know was if Stephen A. was at the Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union wedding.


Oops, I did it again. What did I do? Find out by listening to the huge announcement I made this week that shocked Evan, Steve and the world.

What a week for E&P, and I can’t wait until next week! This weekend I’m going to the Jets game as they take on the Raiders. Im a big Jets fan and I can’t wait to get to that game early, spend three hours in the parking lot, get to my seat in the middle of the first quarter and leave in the fourth to beat the traffic. What a fan!

Babchik OUT!

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