A lot happens on Evan & Phillips in the Morning on Mad Dog Sports Radio, SiriusXM channel 85. It’s a good thing that a guy like me takes notes on everything I’ve learned over the course of the week. However, what I learn each week is not what everyone else has learned, making the “What Babchik learned this week” segment on E&P not only a fun listen, but also an educational one.


The hot topic this week was Tony Dungy’s comments regarding Michael Sam. Dungy said that he would not have drafted Sam because he “wouldn’t want to deal with all of it. It’s not going to be totally smooth … things will happen.” Deal with what? What will happen? Was this really all about Dungy’s religious beliefs? And of all the people to say this about Sam, who would have ever thought it would be Tony Dungy …


Every Wednesday morning on E&P, we have an Evan & Phillips draft. Sports, Food, Chicks … if it exists, WE will draft it. This week was the 51st anniversary of The Beatles releasing their first album, so we drafted … the greatest music albums of all time! Steve and Evan had the first two picks, and they might go down as the worst back-to-back first picks in the history of the E&P draft.


When Rory McIlroy was 15 years old, his Dad placed a bet that he would win the British Open by age 25. Well, when McIlroy won The Open this past weekend, his Dad was the real big winner. This lead to the big question that we went all in on: What star athlete would we bet on today to win a title by the age of 25?


We all know anything can happen and anything can be said during a Bab Bite on Evan & Phillips in the Morning. Where else would you hear a Beatles “tribute” during MLB scores, Steve Phillips explaining the pinkie finger’s most important job and the guys sabotaging my update script … and getting away with it! Long live the Bab Bite!

What a week for E&P, and I can’t wait until next week! This weekend I’m taking my son swimming. Here’s hoping he doesn’t pee in the pool. And here’s hoping I don’t pee in the pool …

Babchik OUT!

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