What’s On: This IS radio Clash, Aziz doesn’t feel the Sting and 3 days of the Colon

The Clash Town Hall
Premiers Friday 3 pm ET on 1st Wave
Interrupting all programs. This is Radio Clash from pirate satellite… 1st Wave’s Richard Blade moderates an exclusive Town Hall with Mick Jones and Paul Simonon (plus a phone-in from Topper Headon), with an audience of superfan SiriusXM subscribers. If you’ve ever thought this band must have some great stories to tell, well, you know where and when to tune in.

Jim Cramer Town Hall
Premiers Friday 7 pm ET on Indie
Jim Cramer, the voluble, engagingly volatile financial guru of CNBC’s Mad Money, goes beyond BUY! and SELL! with Indie host Pete Dominick. Cramer takes questions from SiriusXM listeners, expounding on financial markets, fiscal trends, the economic state of the nation and just how he went from hedge fund manager to soundboard-loving TV stock picker.

Unmasked with Aziz Ansari
Saturday 8 pm ET, Sunday 3 pm and 9 pm ET on Raw Dog
Ron Bennington is a fantastic interviewer. Aziz Anzari is fantastically funny. It only stands to reason that their sit-down is both insightful and an utter hoot. So listen to reason – and this interview recorded in front of a live audience at the UCB Theater. That’d be fantastic.

Just for Laughs Radio
Now on Ch. 403
The Just For Laughs archives are a trove of comedy gold from superstar standups and new faces of comedy – sometimes when those stars were still new faces. Stars with faces! That alone is worth tuning in to SiriusXM Internet Radio to hear these rarely heard performances.

Willie Colon Radio
All Weekend on Rumbon
The Hispanic Heritage Month celebration continues with a weekend dedicated to singer/songwriter/bandleader Willie Colon, who rose from the South Bronx to the national political scene and played some tasty trombone all the while. Hear hits like “Gitana,” and “El Gran Varon.”

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