‘There is a method to my madness’ Lady Gaga talks art, pop culture + G.U.Y.

Mere hours after releasing her visually captivating, WTF-inducing, over-11-minute-long G.U.Y. video, the great Lady Gaga stopped by SiriusXM to chat with Hits 1‘s Morning Mash Up crew about everything from what the (truly wacky) video means to whether or not she ever ditches her security team to go out solo.

Looking regal in a white-blonde wig and giant, glamorous shades, Gaga explained what her thoughts were when filming G.U.Y.

“That idea came to me over a period of time. The video is a journey. It’s written like a visual story, but it is sort of a metaphor for my life and the many things I’ve been through. As all those weird things are happening, [the video] is indicative of how disoriented I feel in my life and my experience of pop culture and the pedestals we put people on. …There is a method to my madness, but truly I want people to just enjoy it.”

Indeed, one of the “maddest” aspects of the video has to be its unusual mixture of celebrity cameos: Andy Cohen, Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump, Jesus, Michael Jackson… What was Gaga thinking there?

“As you’re watching the video, there are all of these pop cultural icons that pop up. We resurrect some icons from the past using Minecraft. I was interested in the way we experience icons through technology.”

As the conversation continued, the Mash Up crew delved further into Gaga’s personal life. For example, does Gaga take a more submissive role at home with her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney?

“Yes, actually. He’s totally in charge,” said Gaga. “When I’m home, shoes are off and I’m making him dinner. I’m in charge all day long. The last thing I want to do is tell him what to do. We’re just really good friends.”

And while we’re on the subject of personal lives, does Gaga ever feel the urge to go out sans security team? What if she wanted to order a pizza and greet the delivery guy at the door — you know, the way normal people do? Turns out Gaga has a strategy for that, even if she does tend to forget how recognizable she is.

“I have a beanie ski mask trick [when answering the door]. I act like I was just at the gym and cover half of my face. It’s really funny because my boyfriend and I forget all the time that we’re recognizable. It’s just so normal to us. He’ll be like, ‘Will you get the door, babe?’ And as I’m opening the door, he’ll be like, ‘OH, NO, WAIT!’ But it’s normal life. It’s fine.”

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