The Sounds of Love: Valentine’s Day Radio, a SILK-y take over, 1st Wave, Hip-Hop and more

Love is like a glove … or a dove … or a, oh hell, we should just let the pros do this for us. ‘Cause we love to love you baby, we just don’t know how to express it as well as them. Whether the Dark Horses of 1st Wave set your heart ablaze or the smoove moves of your favorite R&B crooners get you in the mood, let us count the ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with us.

SiriusXM Silk takes over Heart & Soul (Ch. 48)
Friday 2/12 at 6 pm ET – Monday 2/15 at 3 am ET
Smooth R&B love songs from Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker and more. Classic … and chill.

Valentine’s Day Radio takes over SiriusXM LOVE (Ch. 17)
Sunday 2/14 from 3 am-11:59 pm ET
Hear love songs and soft favorites from the ’60s through today. It’s music to wind down to, from artists you know and love.

Black Valentine’s Dark Wave on 1st Wave (Ch. 33)
Sunday 2/14 at 10 pm ET
Host Matt Sebastian brings you a ‘Black Valentine’s Day’ on Dark Wave. Hear a playlist of darker classic alternative songs about love, or lack thereof, from artists like Depeche Mode, The Smiths, The Cure, Bauhaus and more!

Blade To The Heart Valentine’s Day on 1st Wave (Ch. 33)
Sunday 2/14 at 9 am ET, 2 pm ET and 7 pm ET
Join Richard Blade and his wife, Krista, as they share their love for classic alternative music with you. Hear the 1st Wave songs that brought them together and never torn them apart from artists like The Cure, U2, The Pretenders and more!

Valentine’s Day Foreplay on Octane (Ch. 37)
Sunday 2/14, 4 songs, once an hour all day
This Valentine’s Day it’s all about the foreplay! So Octane spends more time playing the artists we LOVE by playing FOUR song blocks ever hour! You’ll hear music from hard rock icons like David Draiman, Corey Taylor, Rob Zombie, Dimebag Darrell, Tom Morello, Maynard James Keenan and more!

“Love Rap” with Kwame on Backspin (Ch. 43)
Sunday 2/14 at 10 am ET, 2 pm ET and 7 pm ET
Description: A Valentine’s Day takeover of Backspin hosted by Kwame! “Love Rap” will feature love inspired classic hip hop records from the 80s and 90s. Everything from teenage crushes to tales of heartbreak and even cautionary messages about “loving” things too much.

FLY Valentine’s Day special on SiriusXM FLY (Ch. 47)
Sunday 2/14 at 4 pm ET and 8 pm ET
Description: Our girls are back, Sister with Voices aka SWV are dedicating this Valentine’s Day to SiriusXM FLY by playing some of their favorite Female R&B group slow jams of the 90s & 2000s and giving us an exclusive live performance of their latest single ‘Ain’t No Man’ and a FLY throwback ‘Weak’. Now that’s…FLY!

Cozy with Chris Malinchak on CHILL (Ch. 53)
Sunday 2/14 at noon ET and throughout the day until 10 pm ET
In honor of Valentine’s Day, Chill is getting “Cozy with Chris Malinchak,” DJ and producer behind Chill’s weekly series “The Malinchak Show.” Hear Chris introduce his favorite songs celebrating love, relationships…and something we can’t quite put our figure on. “Cozy with Chris” throughout Valentine’s Day, starting at noon ET.

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